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Is MessageMe Free?

MessageMe is entirely free to download and our services free to use, given you have an adequate mobile data plan, or access to a Wi-Fi network.

Using either your phone's existing data plan or Wi-Fi internet access, MessageMe allows you to send and receive messages, videos, voice recordings and more between you and your friends all over the world for free by using our service.  However, please keep in mind the following while using MessageMe, as they can result in charges being incurred:

  • Using cellular data while roaming may result in additional charges.  To learn more about data roaming and how to turn it off to avoid incurring charges click here.
  • As MessageMe works with your phone's existing data plan, charges may incur if you exceed your plan's data usage.  If you are worried about data usage or have almost reached your limit, we would suggest switching to a wifi connection if possible.



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